My love for Stray Dogs…

I am an animal lover. I love dogs. I love stray dogs actually. People ask me to get a pet and stop loving the strays, but then who will look after them. In India, you have strays everywhere but no place for them. People like to get pets but that too only good breed dogs to just show-off. I am not like that. I love all animals and birds, I can watch them doing their stupid actions for hours and I see the beauty in it. I agree they create a nuisance, fear when they bark or attack, but all they need is some love. In India, no stray dog can and shall be harmed in any way according to the laws of the country nor any dog lover or feeder can be harassed. But the truth is totally different when you actually experience it yourself. I used to read the news of dogs being beaten, killed, poisoned, displaced from their original areas and dog lovers getting threatened. But as of now, I have seen all this. I don’t have proofs and I can’t even have made proofs while watching a voiceless animal being harmed. Nor do I want anyone to get bitten by the dogs but what else can I do than feeding them, getting them vaccinated, helping in the ABC program so as to reduce their population or helping a sick or injured dog. People living in our locality tried everything from being sweet to harsh, friendly to even threatening so that I stop feeding them. All this to make them go away from here. As of today, it’s been more than a month and I have not fed those dogs but they are still in this same area and they sit where they have always sat and they still come daily to my place. They follow me on my evening walks every day. I am not feeding them but they understand the love and care that I have for them in my heart. I don’t know what they are eating or how are they surviving but I know that they are not going anywhere until someone tries to harm them or dislocate them. And I know people will do something mischievous and against the laws to harm them but they will get away with it because they are rich, powerful.


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