Me, Myself and Mickey

My name is Mickey that I definitely knew from like when I was 2 years old but 30 years after I was not sure who I was. Where am I heading in my life, what am I doing with my time, what have I done with my health, all these questions remained like unanswered. I went into depression, taking medications and therapies but nothing seemed to help until I thought about reading my horoscope one day. And just by learning more about astrology and my birth chart I finally got to know who I am and why I am like this. Well after researching astrology like for more than six months I finally am writing this article and sharing here what I learned so far about me. Well, I thought I was a Sagittarius sun sign and I used to read-only that but then I came to know that I have an Aries moon and a Gemini rising as well. Then I read about all three signs and finally, I came up to build my own character sketch. A few keywords that very accurately describe me are: active, restless, inquisitive, jack of all trades, lively, versatile, courageous, fighter, impulsive, reckless, rash, daring, blunt, honest, truthful, deep and intense feelings, faithful, loyal, sensitive, vulnerable, unselfish, spiritual, rebellious, and so many more. I came to know a lot about me and why at certain times in my life I reacted the way I did. Why my choices in life were my own and no one’s to blame. Actually “The Fault was in my Stars” and all that happened was meant to like it has.


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